A gift of life: Mighty 70th comes together in time of need

Amy Lynn Samulenas, wife of Tech. Sgt. Christopher Samulenas, 29th Intelligence Squadron, sits next to Tech. Sgt. Matthew Staggs, 691st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Stagg donated a life-saving kidney to Samulenas. FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. — Every once in a while, the stars align and things just work out. After battling with a kidney disease since she was 10 years old, Amy Lynn Samulenas found out that she would need a transplant to save her life.

After being on several donor registries and not finding a match within her immediate family, the Samulenas’ expanded their search to the next best thing – her Air Force family.

Amy is an Air Force spouse, married to Tech. Sgt. Christopher Samulenas, 29th Intelligence Squadron. In early February 2019, the Samulenas family began spreading the word asking anyone willing to be a potential donor to reach out to a local hospital.

Staggs is a voluntary living donor and the epitome of what the Air Force core value of service before self encompasses. After finding themselves in what could only be described as a horrible waiting game, the Samulenas’ will finally be able to move on with their lives, thanks to the incredible sacrifice of Staff – a true wingman.

“Once in a while (pretty often, actually) I am humbled by an act of incredible selflessness within our wing. Staggs gave a wingman’s family the gift of life, and the rest of us a refreshed appreciation of what it means to take care of our family in the Mighty 70th ISR Wing,” said Col. Matteo Martemucci, 70th ISRW commander. ”We are extremely proud of Matt and hope for the best for all involved going forward!”

Staggs asks that anyone interested in possibly donating reach out to the Walter Reed transplant office or their local transplant organization for more information; call 202-390-2474 or email: usn.bethesda.nsabethesdamd.nsab-access@mail.mil .


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