Cherry Healey: BBC presenter suffers permanent kidney damage after collapsing at wedding

“I had been feeling rubbish for about four days but I had been really busy at work so just carried on,” recalls Cherry, 38, who fronts shows including BBC One’s Sunday Morning Live and Inside The Factory with Gregg Wallace on BBC Two.

It was summer 2009 and Cherry knew she had a urinary tract infection (UTI). After all, she had suffered from them regularly since she was just 12. What she hadn’t known was how serious the problem could become if untreated.

“I had left it far too long,” she recalls. “I was mainlining painkillers and in a real state, sweating and feeling shaky but I just carried on and went to the wedding as I didn’t want to let anyone down.”

Cherry managed to walk up the aisle but couldn’t eat the wedding breakfast and certainly didn’t make it as far as the speeches. She collapsed on the bed in the bridal suite, where her then-husband, Roly, found her and persuaded her it was time to leave.

“We went home and by the Sunday I was sheet white, had a terrible migraine and felt like death, so finally took myself to A&E. They admitted me instantly and I was in hospital for five days.”

The medics quickly discovered that Cherry’s UTI has spread to her kidneys. “I hadn’t realised that could happen,” she says.

“I was pumped full of antibiotics and even though I felt better after two days and thought I was ready to go, the doctors were very concerned as my blood tests kept coming back with warning markers. Presenter Cherry Healey: I learnt the traditional dishes from my mum

Five minutes with…Cherry Healey “They did an ultrasound and discovered because I had left it so long, my kidneys were permanently damaged; they will always be scarred from the […]


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