Dog in St. Louis gets kidney transplant from one of her pups

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Life has come full circle for a sweet momma dog.

According to a report by Fox 2 KTVI in St. Louis , Star was found three years ago on a hot summer day in a plywood box with no food or water. She had given birth to 13 puppies.

Nine survived.

At the time, Star was having advanced kidney failure and seizures. She finally bounced back, until recently.

Her kidneys were shutting down, and the only thing that would save her was a kidney transplant. One of her puppies, named Elsa, ending up saving her. When Elsa’s family got the call from Star’s family, the whole family was on board with the transplant. "This is Elsa’s chance to save her mom, and they’re like, ‘Oh so she’s a hero!’" said Jenny Murray, Elsa’s owner, recalling her children’s reaction to the news.

The dog who nearly gave her life to save her puppies has been given a second chance, thanks to one of her own. Copyright 2018 by WDRB Media. All rights reserved.


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