Fresenius data show one in six patients with AKI regain kidney function

Frank Maddux An analysis of 9,000 patients with diagnosed acute kidney injury treated at Fresenius Medical Care North America outpatient clinics indicates that about one-third of patients will recover kidney function within 90 days of starting in-center hemodialysis and one in six with persistent AKI will recover kidney function by 150 days. Overall, 38% of patients recovered kidney function within 150 days of initiating outpatient therapy, the company said in a press release.

Fresenius Medical Care and other outpatient dialysis providers began treating patients diagnosed with AKI in the outpatient setting after CMS authorized payment for outpatient dialysis care in January 2017.

“This groundbreaking data holds enormous promise for developing further insights into the treatment of acute kidney injury and is the first time significant data of this type has been available anywhere,” Frank Maddux, MD , chief medical officer and executive vice president for clinical and scientific affairs at Fresenius Medical Care North America, said in the release. “This is an exciting step in our ongoing efforts to improve the treatment of people with acute kidney injury and create more personalized care so that patients are more likely to recover kidney function.”

In addition, the preliminary analysis of Fresenius data looked at other clinical measures among patients with AKI, including the type of vascular access used, ultrafiltration rates and biochemical measures in the first 90 days of outpatient dialysis therapy. The data also suggested that 20% of patients who begin outpatient in-center hemodialysis are diagnosed with AKI and 44% of those patients transition to ESRD within 150 days of starting outpatient hemodialysis. Further analysis will be needed to provide additional insights into recovery and other clinical data, Fresenius said in the press release.



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