International Herb Cure for Kidney Failure due to Hypertension

Hypertensive Nephropathy is the damage of renal structure and function caused by primary hypertension. The history of hypertension is more than 5-10 years, which is manifested as increased urination at night and proteinuria . If not taken seriously, it will gradually progress to renal insufficiency or even kidney failure. So how about the effect of traditional Chinese medicine on hypertensive nephropathy?

With hypertensive nephropathy, because of the history of hypertension, patients generally have dizziness, headache , insomnia and other discomforts. When the kidney symptoms are not obvious, it belongs to the syndrome of hyperactivity of liver yang in Chinese medicine, which needs to calm the liver and suppress yang. At this time, Tianma Gouteng Drink can be used, in which there is gastrodia, uncaria, cassia seed, motherwort, keel, oyster and so on.

If there are frequent nocturnal urination, waist and knee soreness and other discomforts, it belongs to kidney deficiency in traditional Chinese medicine, which needs to tonify the kidney. There are kidney-yin deficiency and kidney-yang deficiency in TCM syndrome differentiation. Six-flavor Dihuang pills can be used for kidney-yin deficiency, and Jinkui Shenqi pills and Jisheng Shenqi pills can be used for kidney-yang deficiency. Specific Chinese medicines include ripe earth, yam, cornel, Poria cocos, peony bark, cinnamon, aconite and so on.

If the symptoms are aggravated, such as foamy urine, lower extremity edema, cold and so on, It mostly belongs to Yang deficiency edema in Chinese medicine. Wupi drinks, Zhenwu Decoction and Shipi Drink can be used. The specific Chinese medicine is Poria cocos, Polyporus, Ramulus Cinnamomi, ginger, pericarpium arecae, coix seed, Tetrapanax papyriferus, Atractylodes, etc.

In the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, western medicine should not only control hypertension, but also avoid aggravating the burden of kidney. There are few drugs available. Even if the treatment is standardized, it can only maintain treatment and control the further deterioration of the disease. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes holistic treatment and individualized treatment. It can not only reduce toxic and side effects, but also protect the kidney and promote the purpose of tissue repair. It has its own unique advantages. However, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can not be used blindly, and it needs to be used according to different conditions of patients, so we need to go to the regular hospital to seek TCM doctor’s treatment based on syndrome differentiation. For more information on international herb cure for kidney failure due to hypertension, please leave a message below or contact online doctor. previous: 7 Kinds of Medicine Cannot Be Used Together with Anti-hypertensive Drugs


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