The number of West Norfolk babies born underweight

It could mean that one in 15 West Norfolk grows up with a health problem.

That’s how many are being born underweight in our county.

Doctors say this can lead to children developing heart conditions and diabetes when they’re older. The NHS Long-Term Plan was launched with promises (among others) to make the NHS “the best place in the world to give birth” as part of a plan to redesign neonatal services from pregnancy to early motherhood: Read our response: — RCPCH (@RCPCHtweets) January 11, 2019 Gergely Toldi, from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health said: "Prematurity is often associated with a low birth weight because the baby had less time to grow in the womb. "However, babies born at term can also be small due to either a disease in the baby or a problem with the placenta, leading to insufficient nutrient and oxygen supply. "Babies born with a low birth weight have an increased risk for developing certain diseases in adulthood, such as heart disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes." 6.8 percent of babies born in West Norfolk were underweight in 2017.

The national average was 7 percent and that was a drop of 3 percent from the previous year.


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