University of Oxford, British AI company partner to study chronic diseases

British clinical AI company Sensyne Health and the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute are partnering to establish a research alliance focused on using AI and digital technology to better understand chronic diseases.

“This new collaboration sets out to improve our understanding of common chronic diseases, identify opportunities for better treatment, and enhance the quality and efficiency of clinical care,” Martin Landray, PhD, deputy director of the Big Data Institute and professor of medicine and epidemiology, said in a statement .

The research alliance is a three-year agreement between the entities. The two didn’t disclose any financial terms as part of their agreement, according to a press release. The researchers will also have access to NHS Trusts datasets for the project.

Researchers plan to use clinical AI and digital technology to understand the complexities of chronic diseases, with their initial focus being on chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and diseases with significant and growing burdens on society. The program could study additional chronic diseases in the future.

The work aims to create new datasets that capture information from patient-clinician consultations during the long-term management of chronic diseases. Researchers hope the project will help accelerate drug discovery and development, and improve pathways of patient care.

“This new collaboration with the BDI is designed to apply world-class data science to the growing burden of chronic disease on society, and create an effective partnership between the (National Health Service), industry and academia that delivers scalable improvements to patient care, accelerates the discovery and development of new medicines and shares the commercial value created with our partner NHS Trusts and the University of Oxford,” Paul Drayson, chief executive officer of Sensyne Health, said in a statement.


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