Yucatecan younger generations do not trust Maya herbalist medicine

“The Yucatecan new generations are reluctant to use traditional Maya medicine for fear and ignorance of its benefits, which has marginalized this ancestral knowledge”, said herbalist specialist Emilio Guadalupe Chan Sanguino.

In an interview with Notimex, he said that although its consumption is cheaper and less harmful to the human body, new generations prefer the use of allopathic (modern) medicine.

With more than 40 years of experience, Chan Sanguino affirmed that there are plants that prevent and cure all types of diseases, even Chikungunya and Zika (that are not endemic).

“A mixture of several herbs in an infusion is enough to alleviate the symptoms of these and other diseases. The human being is the one that has been changing, the plants do not change, ” Chan Sanguino said. Mayan Medicine (Photo: Archive) “To prevent Zika and Chikungunya I prepare arnica with honey, lemon and then, I drink it. There is also the resin of ramón , and jabin , that are mild to the body and deliver excellent results , “he emphasized.

“There are many herbs to cure and prevent diseases, all people have to do is approach traditional doctors,” Chan Sanguino continued.

The specialist explained that the new generations reject medicinal plants because they do not believe in their benefits and prefer “modern medicine”. X’men Emilio Chan Sanguino (Foto Celis DY) “It is known that people who take many pills start to suffer from liver, kidney, gallbladder or bladder, which would not happen if medicinal plants were used,” he reiterated.

He also mentioned that Maya ancestral medicine still has a fairly strong presence in eastern and southern Yucatán, specifically in municipalities such as Sotuta, Valladolid, Yaxcabá and Peto.

In the case of Campeche, Maya medicine is greatly used in municipalities such as Hopelchén, Xpujil and others.Chan Sanguino, who is considered a X’men (Maya Shaman), stressed […]


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